Tips To Breast Feeding Mothers To Boost Up Milk

Tips to breast feeding mothers to produce more milk


Introduction –

Breastfeeding mothers are often worried about less milk or less supply of milk. In western countries almost 28% breast feeding  mothers struggle for supplying milk during their lactation period.

Reasons of  low supply

  1. Endocrine disorders – May be imbalance of Estrogen, Testosterone & Prolactin ,mainly prolactin is responsible for milk secretion. So Hypoprolactinemia  occurs ,resulting as Prolactin levels below 3 µg/L in women. So over all hormonal disorders are the common reason for this.
  2. Hypertension. – This could be the another cause due to lack of supply of total nutrition in breast tissues due to high blood pressure & hormonal imbalance or total endocrine disorders.
  3. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ,Type II Diabetes ,Hypothyroidism are most common & associated causes of less supply of breast milk
  4. There are problems with glandular tissues & ducts in side which are responsible for milk transportation. So there is a co-ordination problem with sources & pumping till nipple where milk must be ready & to be sucked by baby.
  5. Consistent & long term uses of OCP or oral contraceptive pill (also called birth prevention pills/ tablets) may hamper or have an influence of milk supply. So it’s always advisable not to use too much or long term.
  6. Breast surgery, chest or similar kind of surgery of women or somehow improper post operative nutrition status may cause lack of milk supply.
  7. The biggest factors now a days is stress & due to secretion of Cortisol, also Serotonin, Epinephrine ,Nor epinephrine, improper functioning due to high or low quantity of these. In western countries, breast feeding problems mainly seen because of Psychological stress .


How to boost up milk production :


  1. More water (Hydration) requirement – Every time mother needs 250ml water tentatively before feeds, that comes 8-10 times in a day – 5 -3 litrs compulsorily for smooth flow of milk to come out. This is the best way to be hydrated.
  2. Mother needs high quality protein during lactation period. As we can say the sources are organic/animal like eggs, fish, chicken etc , Plant or vegetable sources like pulses, legumes, soya, soya products, greens, green vegetables, & lastly the common for all vegetarian or non vegetarian – Dairy sources like 300- 500 ml milk, or some quantity chana, paneer, curd, yogurts etc.
  3. Mother needs best amount of calcium through milk sources as discussed already along with few more minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium in addition with vitamin C by citrus fruits & B-Complex.
  4. Fenugreek seeds (Methi) soaked by water can be taken every day early morning or best suitable time in a day as this is best sources of DHA, Omega 3-Fatty acid as well as Omega -6 fatty acid as three best antioxidants.
  5. Spinach, cumin seeds, Mastard seeds, garlic, broccoli , gourds vegetables like bottle gourd, snake gourd, bitter gourd etc. are believed to be best foods in every day’s meals must be incorporated in all the staple meals.
  6. Fruits like banana ,guava, amla, Mausambi, sugarcane juice, melon, water melon, grapes etc & dry fruits all have very good role. Peanut has magnificent role to supply all multivitamins & anti oxidants all time.

(Pl.Note :some foods here mentioned may not be suitable for those who have food allergy or disease history)


So finally this is always advisable to mothers NOT to be worried or tensed rather instead of struggling to get breast milk or to boost up this, just try all these mentioned foods on regular basis. I am sure you will be benefitted & your baby will be strong ,healthy due to your milk which is as same as “Amrita” for your child.