Sugar Or Jaggery – Which One Is Better For Health?

sugar vs jaggery, which is better for health


Sugar or jaggery has nutritional benefits. With the help of the comparative studies, we can explain who is better whether it is sugar or jaggery.13


Sugar is the crystalline white substance which is obtained from various plants. Especially it is obtained from sugar beet and sugar cane.


The jaggery is the non-centrifugal cane sugar. Jaggery is mostly consumed in Africa, Asia and some countries of America.

What is the difference between jaggery and sugar?

  1. Both jaggery and sugar are obtained from the sugar cane. Sugar is mostly having empty calories. Whereas jaggery contains various mineral. For dessert, jaggery is better.
  2.  The basic difference is the color of the sugar and jaggery. Sugar has bright white color whereas on another hand color of the jaggery can range widely from golden yellow to golden brown, dark brown, sometimes it’s color can be like chocolate. The color of the jaggery depends upon the two factors that are the base ingredient to make jaggery and in which extent it was cooked.
  3. Both jaggery and sugar texture differs a lot. Sugar has solid, hard crystal-like shape. Whereas jaggery has a semi solid in nature. It is softer and amorphous than sugar. Jaggery has this kind of distinct texture because molasses and impurities have not been removed from it.
  4. In order to make fine sugar, the syrup is treated to remove the unwanted particles. After condensation and crystallization, the product looks white in color. In the case of jaggery, no such treatment is given and it does not undergo any kind of crystallization process. The sugar cane juice is boiled continuously until a thick paste is formed. After the thick paste informed different shape is given to it.
  5. There is lot difference in the composition of the jaggery and the sugar. Sugar is only made up of sucrose whereas jaggery is made from sucrose, mineral salts, some fiber, and iron. In the case of iron deficiency, the jaggery is recommended. A pregnant mother is advised to have jaggery desserts to provide enough iron to her and her fetus. Growing children who are more in demand of energy can have jaggery with the milk or in the dessert.
  6. Jaggery and sugar influence the health in different way Sugar is the simplest form of the sugar which is instantly absorbed into our bloodstream and it immediately releases energy. Hence sugar is not recommended to the people with diabetes. Whereas jaggery is made up of a longer chain of sucrose. Therefore it takes time to get digested and it releases energy slowly. Hence it is not so harmful to the body.
  7. Jaggery is made from the iron vessel it is a good source of iron. It act as cleansing agent, it helps to cleanse the stomach, intestine, lungs, esophagus and respiratory tracts. Sugar doesn’t perform all this beneficial activity.

From above discussion, we can conclude that Jaggery is better than sugar as it is healthy and tasty.