Should We Eat Cakes On The Eve Of Christmas?


So when near is the christmas eve then why one should not eat cakes. As i hope cakes are a favourite sweetdish to each of us! So don’t pull a long face and don’t think that i would be rather taking about the ill effects of cakes that would rather stop you from eating it!
Cakes can be made using flour and fruits as filling; margarine or butter for that rich and creamy taste; sugar to enhance its sweetness and appeal to kids; liquid for mixing, eggs as a binder; leavening, for the dough to rise; and frosting, for added aesthetic appeal.

1. Carbohydrates present in cakes Gives energy

With the flour and the sugar present in cakes, it can provide much needed carbohydrates . Carbohydrates are energy-giving foods that keep us alert for longer periods of time. Carbohydrates, especially those from glucose sub-units, are what the brain needs for energy.

2. Fats for warmth and energy

As winters have approached Cake is an excellent source of fats and oils through its shortening and frosting. These fats in cakes are needed, albeit in small amounts, for body energy and a source for body heat for the winter or cold months.

3. Proteins for body building

Cakes contains all those ingredients which are rich in proteins. Cake also contains protein nutrients from the eggs that are used as a binder for all ingredients. Cakes typically also contain milk, which also has proteins that provide us with the needed nutrients for strong bones and muscles. Milk also contains the needed minerals like calcium, for us to have strong bones and teeth. For cakes with real fruits in them, they have intact vitamins from fruits like pineapples, apples and berries, which can help fight diseases and strengthen our immune system.

Merry christmas ! 🎄🎁✨🎆🎄🎇