Plan Your Own Diet With The Help Of Food Pyramid


Introduction – Are you tired to find out a good dietitian to get your balanced diet? I think you can prepare your basic diet or menu cum meal planning just with the help of Food Pyramid from best to worst to select the right foods groups & their serving size. This food pyramid a wonderful food guide by which you can plan your own diet with accurate nutrition for your school going child or for yourself. The ultimate objective is to keep your health fit all time, disease free as maximum as possible. Even you are Diabetic, suffering from Liver, Gallbladder, Kidney Disorders or may be other lifestyles diseases including weight problems or Cardiac diseases or similar.

Plan your diet with the help of food Pyramid

Food Pyramid: This is a pyramid shaped imaginary guide of the types & proportions of all available foods which are suggested to consume as per the foods nutritive value for all the ages of people. The proportions & placement of each group generally applicable for 1year till 70 years as per Australian Dietary guidelines as well as India.

Foundation or Base Layer –  This group contains all the major grains  & legumes which we generally include in all staple meals in our daily life.In this group also we find fruits all types & green leafy or other vegetables. This is a share of 70% of total foods out of this Pyramid all groups. Older children & teens are needed 2 servings of fruits & 5 servings of vegetables or legumes of each day.

Middle Layer – This group contains milk, all dairy products, chicken lean meat, egg, nuts, seeds etc.This group also contains soy, rice or cereals milk to gain enough calcium..Therefore this group undoubtedly provides all macro elements mainly iron, Idoine, zinc, some multivitamins, B-Complex etc.

Top Layer – This group refers healthy fats which are needed but the small amount or some cases limited amount considering the present health status of an individual. All the saturated or trans fat rich foods are in this group should be limited for everyone for cardiac, liver or brain health overall. These are always advisable that consume unrefined PUFA or MUFA rich foods or their oils such as some sea foods, peanuts nuts, Olive oil etc.

Anyone who is interested in downloading this food pyramid chart for a better understanding can get it from any search engine like Google.Further, as a nutritionist, I advise to all that follow the food pyramid which is an instant guide even for a layman to plan a balanced healthy diet for daily life.