Nutrition From 0 – 24 Months

Nutrition from 0 – 24 Months


Infants have rapid growth during the first year of life. They double the birth weight by 6 months and triples by one year. There is increase in birth length by 50% in the first year. It is also accompanied by rapid rate of calcification of bones.


What should be given?

0 – 6 Months

From birth till 6 months of age EXCLUSIVE BREAST FEEDING is recommended. No other milk or no other food or water should be given to the infants below 6 months. Breast feeding provides all essential nutrients required by the infant in a easily digestible and absorbable form.


7th Month

  • Provide strained fruit juices and soups
  • Malt can be given
  • Well cooked mashed greens, peas, carrot, potato and banana can be given
  • Boiled cooled water should be given
  • Continue breast feeding


8th Month

  • Soft solid diet like idli, idiappam, dhal rice, greens rice, curd rice, egg etc have to be started
  • Solid food could be given for 4-5 times a day
  • Continue breast feeding

9 – 12 Months

  • Increase the quantity of soft solid foods.
  • Well cooked minced meat, chicken, fish could be started
  • By 12th Month encourage self feeding
  • Continue breast feeding


12 – 18 Months

  • By 18 Months the infant must have tasted all types of food prepared at home
  • Soft bland diet is always preferred by children
  • Frequency of feeding – 5 to 6 times a day
  • Provide boiled, cooled water
  • Continue breast feeding till two years of age


18 – 24 Months

  • Foods with light Masala, and foods which are slightly hot can be included
  • Crispy, colourful foods are preferred by toddlers
  • Vegetables and foods of different shapes can be prepared
  • Cow’s milk and health drinks like boost, horlicks, pediasure etc, can be started only after two years


Points To Be Remembered

  • Keep the place clean and tidy
  • Clean vessels and wash hands before feeding the baby
  • Sterlize feeding bottles, sippers after every use
  • Keep the baby clean and fresh


Uma Maheshwari PS

Dietitian, Happy Living Diet Clinic