Know Benefits Of All Types Of Milk

Adulteration In Milk

Know About Milk

Milk is a whitish nutritious liquid which secretes from the mammary gland of all the mammals, which is the natural food for a neonate. Milk is rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 600ml of milk can provide 7/8 of calcium, less than 1/3 of riboflavin, over ¼ of proteins and just under 1/5 of the vitamin a requirement of moderately active man for one day.

Types of Milk & Uses

There are different consumable and safe category of milk which is used in the daily human diet. Those are majorly animal sources (human milk, buffalo, goat, cow, yak, sheep, reindeer, and camel) and plant sources (soya milk, almond milk, groundnut milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, sesame seed milk). All over the world mostly after mother’s milk the cow and buffalo milk are more in demand. Also, milk products play a vital role in our daily diets. They vary in their composition and nutritive value. Fermentation by various types of bacteria impacts specific tastes. The common milk products are skimmed milk ,milk powder, toned milk, double toned milk, cream. malai, Cottage cheese , whey.

Human milk & other sources

Human milk ,colostrums ,the very first milk contains immunoglobulin IgA provides lifetime protection cover by enough immunity to infants. Cow’s milk provide 80 kcal, while buffalo milk provides 100 kcal per 100 ml .The protein content of cow’s milk is 3.5 % and of buffalo’s milk is 4%. The protein milk is casein, Lactalbumin and a trace of lactoglobulin. Lactalbumin is akin to plasma albumin and easy to digest. There is a higher proportion of calcium and casein in animal milk. Goat milk has protein, fat and carbohydrate proportion is similar to that of cow’s milk. Skimmed milk is deficient in fat and fat soluble vitamins, when fortified with A, D, and Pyridoxine it helps in the treatment of malnutrition, nephritic syndromes and cirrhosis in liver. Toned milk has same nutritive value as cow’s milk, but only cheaper being source of protein for malnourished children and pregnant women.

Milk from the plant sources

The milk from the plant sources are a good alternative for the patients who have lactose intolerance and hyperlipidemia. They contain plant sterol which relief high cholesterol level in the body. Though Soya milk should not be given to the patient with hyper and hypo thyroids.

Milk consumption for a patient

A patient should be suggested to have skimmed or double toned milk instead of whole milk or buffalo milk because fat contains in the whole milk or buffalo milk is higher which can lead to a gain in fat. Gaining weight can result, blockage insulin receptor and which may enhance the sugar level in the blood. Cardiovascular disease, angina, ischemic heart disease, hyperlipidemia are few examples which are responsible for higher cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, and triglyceride level. Whole milk, full cream milk, buffalo milk and products from milk like ghee, butter and cheese have higher saturated and monounsaturated fat than polyunsaturated fatty acid , that causes blockage in the heart and veins. In this case, low-fat milk, toned, double toned and skimmed milk is overruled on whole cream milk. In the case of chronic kidney diseases, the protein, the fluid and potassium restriction are mandatory.2 serving milk can be given like skimmed milk which has low protein like 2.5 gm/ 100 ml or buttermilk ( nonsalted) which has 0.8 gm/100 ml. In a case of cancer patient stored foods especially milk item which gets easily contaminated should be avoided. The milk should be fresh, properly pasteurized before it is served to the patient.

Magic of Milk

The milk thereby has lots of beneficial quality which helps us to maintain health. Milk has almost all essential vitamins, minerals which is responsible for maintaining vitality. Milk is considered as a magic potion for the body and mind.