How To Enhance Nutrition In Regular Food?

How to Enhance Nutrition in Regular Food?


  • Proper Combination: Use cereal : pulse combination in 4:1 ratio wherever possible
  • Multi grain concept: Make use of multiple grains, like ragi, rice, wheat, oats, jowar, bajra, maize
  • Go seasonal: Use seasonal fruits and vegetables to the maximum.
  • Add more finely chopped coriander & curry leaves in cooking, grinding chutney, so that you don’t remove them while eating.
  • Go Fresh: Use fresh fruits & vegetables to get maximum nutrients from them. Buy freshly cut meat and fish to prevent microbial infestation.
  • Variety: Include a variety of foods in your daily meal. Go for different fruits and vegetables on daily basis. Do not repeat the same fruit and vegetable in the same week. This will improve appetite and interest towards eating.
  • Use iodized salt


Uma Maheshwari PS

Dietitian, Happy Living Diet Clinic