Are The Frozen Foods Really Safe??


Now a day we are relying more on frozen foods because food available may vary, any kind of catastrophe can lead to the food crisis. Frozen foods are blessing in extreme condition although it has various disadvantages.

Frozen food –
Food is preserved below 0 degree Celsius from the time it is prepared to the time it is consumed.

History of frozen food –
Long back fisherman and the farmers preserve their gains in the unheated room in the winter,

How freezing works-
Freezing food slower down food decomposition by turning the residual moisture content of the food to ice, which inhibits the growth of the bacteria.
Process of freezing

There are 2 types of freezing
1. Mechanical freezing – It generates small ice crystals and maintains the cellular structure of the food.
2. Cryogenic freezing – It is the quickest freezing method because for freezing ultra-low liquid nitrogen temperature -196 * c is used.
Effectiveness of frozen food
3. Freezing is effective in food preservation because it helps to destroy or prevent the growth of the pathogens which destroy foods.
4. By the freezing method, food can be preserved for several months.
5. Long term freezing of food requires a constant temperature of 18* degree. The places where the temperature never rises above 18* like Russia, Scandinavian countries, Canada, Himalayan regions like Tibet and Ladakh. This process of storing is quite effective.

Disadvantage of frozen food –
1. The freezing effect to the vitamin c in the frozen fruit. Vitamin c loss occurs by 10 % during the blanching process, rest 85 % loss occurs during cooling and washing stage.
2. Vitamin B1 (thiamin) loss also occurs by 25 %.
3. Freezing process causes loss of vitamin B2 that is riboflavin, 18 % loss can be noted through the process of freezing.
4. Vitamin A loss occurs during the process of freezing. Long term freezing causes severe loss of vitamin A.
5. Sodium content in frozen food is generally high. The frozen meal generally contains 700 – 1800 mg of sodium. Daily consumption of frozen meal can lead to high blood pressure
6. Ingredients in frozen food are generally different from the freshly prepared foods. Many of the time hydrogenated palm oil is used. This is quite unhealthy for our health.
7. Most of the frozen meal contains high sodium and high-fat lack vitamins and minerals.
8. Taste of some frozen food is really gross, it is known as ‘’ freezer burned’’.
9. Consumption of frozen food can lead to cancer, especially it can lead to pancreatic cancer. Acrylamide is the substance which is present in the cooked frozen food which is carcinogenic in nature.
10. The frozen food contains monosodium glutamate which can cause nausea, headache, palpitation, giddiness, dizziness, chest pain.
11. Frozen food is rich in Trans fat which can elevate blood cholesterol, triglyceride. This eventually can block arteries, cause atherosclerosis and high blood pressure.

Frozen food has lots of disadvantage, it is not safe. It is better to opt the fresh food.