Chocolates- Good Or Bad?


Since a long time everyone has a preconceived notion that chocolates are really bad for teeth. Realty? It’s not very good but, not very bad also!


Although, chocolate is a sticky sugar so, it remains for a longer time sticking to the teeth in the mouth. Thus, it causes tooth decay. It is major tooth loss and tooth decay problem in kids.


But, why many adults don’t have this problem? Answer; they are more careful and concerned of their oral hygiene and practices.


Rinsing or brushing teeth is important and crucial immediately after having any kind of sticky sugar like, chocolate or candy. If a child is trained from the beginning to brush teeth twice a day, especially before going to bed tooth decay caused by chocolates can be easily prevented. Brushing before sleeping at night is very crucial because when we sleep for 6-7 hours with all the food we ate all day sticking around the corners of the teeth it changes the pH of the mouth, making the enamel weak and, helps the bacteria already present in the mouth to cause teeth decay and other problems.


It is important to brush every corner of the teeth including the tongue and cheeks for complete cleaning. Brushing should be performed for a minimum 2 minutes and maximum of 5 minutes. Furthermore, it is to be made sure to not to eat anything after brushing at night.