Sea Wind Can Help You To Increase Your Hunger!!



Sea wind is quite refreshing, it makes us feel new

What is sea wind?

Due to the difference in the heat capacity air pressure difference is created over the water bodies near the land; it generates a wind flow which flows from sea to the land this wind flow is known as sea wind.

Cause of sea wind –

Water gets heated more slowly than that of land. Land get more heated more in a day , the air touching the land also get warm and expands simultaneously the air touching the water is relatively cold and dense., warm  light air near the land rises above create a space for new air. Then in order to fill the place in the land sea air rushes towards the land.

Composition of sea wind-

Oxygen content is 21 %, nitrogen is 78 %, carbon dioxide 0.0134 %.

Myth of ozone presence in sea air

There is long saying that fishy smell around the sea, is due to the presence of ozone in the sea breeze. The truth is actually different, the smell we get is not of ozone but it is of dimethyl sulfide. The dimethyl sulfide is released from    seaweeds, small marsh plants and also microbes


How sea winds increase hunger?

  Sound sleep – sea breeze is charged with negative ions that increase the oxygen absorption ability .Negative ion is responsible for balancing serotonin; serotonin is a neurotransmitter which is linked with stress level and mood.  Therefore it can lead to lower stress level which can lead to sound sleep. The sound sleep can cause better digestion. If the food is properly digested, assimilated then food i.e. hunger increases.

Better Blood flow – Sea wind forms waves and turbulence in the sea. The sea wave can create magic. Sea bathing or playing in the sea shore can make you feel relaxed. When we float in the water blood gets diverted around the limbs and it pumps to the abdomen region i.e. the part of the body near the heart. Fresh blood pumped around the body fetch more oxygen to our brain, which can make us more active and agile. Higher activity can lead to more energy loss and makes us hungrier.

Food for lungs – The salty air is food for lungs. The people with asthma and breathing problem experience get relief in sea shore. The healthy salty air smooths the respiration process. More oxygen is burnt simultaneously more food is burnt to form energy. That can make us hungrier.

Stimulate taste buds – The sea air is responsible for stimulating the taste buds, which in turn stimulate our appetite .The salty sea air is responsible to stimulate our hunger.

Healthy foods on sea beaches–

Tropical Fruit salads –pineapple with apple, grapes, watermelon mixture .is healthy

Mocktail –fruit juice mixture is healthy. It is rich in vitamin C, A and a good source of energy.

Coconut drink –. Cheap coconut juice and coconut milk is healthy

Sea air makes us feel happy and hungry; a trip to the beach is always worthy