Flaxseed- A Supplement For Diabetes & Lifestyles Diseases



Introducing flax seed in the daily diet can be highly beneficial for health.

What is flaxseed?

From the red, yellow or white flower of the flax plant, we get dry brown capsule-like fruit, inside of each fruit we get glossy brown seeds which are known as flaxseed.

Type of flaxseed

Flaxseed is basically two types

  • Brown flaxseed – Flax seed has high fiber and omega 3
  • Yellow flaxseed- Yellow flaxseed is known as solid. It has a different type of oil profile and it has very low omega 3 fatty acid.

Nutritional value

100 gm of flax seed contain 22.8 gm omega 3, omega 6 is 5.9 gm , calcium 255 mg , vitamin B1 is 1.644 mg , iron is 5.73 mg , potassium 813 mg , phosphorus 642 mg , dietary fiber is 27.3 gm.

Health benefits from flax seed

  • Cancer protection – cancer prevent the prostate, colon, and breast cancer, flaxseed consumption can prevent carcinogenic cell proliferation because it contains high omega 3
  • Lowering blood cholesterol – The flaxseed can lower the total blood cholesterol.
  • Preventing hot flush – In the postmenopausal women consumption of flaxseed can reduce hot flush.
  • Beneficial for Crohn’s disease – ALA in flaxseed, protects the digestive tract lining and helps to maintain GI health. It also reduces gut inflammation in Crohn’s disease.
  • Prevent constipation – Flaxseed contains high fiber 100 gm of flaxseed contain 27.3 gm of fiber. High fiber relief constipation. 1-3 tsp of flaxseed oil when mixed with 8 oz of carrot juice and consume by a daily basis, the problem of constipation will be 90 % gone.
  • Role in celiac disease – patients who are suffering from celiac disease, also suffering from gluten sensitivity. Flaxseed can be replaced by gluten containing substance and prevent inflammation.
  • Cold and flu – Regular consumption of flaxseed can reduce the severity or number of cold and flu.

Diabetes and flaxseed

There is some promising evidence that consumption of flaxseed reduces blood sugar. It has been found consumption of 1 spoon full flax seed for a month reduce the fasting sugar level. It also reduces triglyceride, cholesterol and also weight. Flaxseed contain a high amount of omega 3 i.e. is 22.8 gm per 100 gm, omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid which is heart-friendly and it acts as an antioxidant. High fiber in flaxseed to flush out bad fat in the food from the body. High fat can lead to insulin resistance. At least a spoon full of flax seed in our daily diet reduces health hazards.

Flax in diet –

  • Green salad – In green salad flax seed along with sesame seed can be added
  • Soup – To garnish the soup the flaxseed can be added.
  • Bread – in bread recipes flax seed can be added with crushed almonds

Flaxseed is one of the most effective functional food.