Playing Mobile Games For A Long Time Could Be Very Much Harmful For Children!!

Everyone is aware of the fact that a smartphone is connecting us to everyone, providing us useful information, helps in maintaining bank accounts and many more. But unlimited access to the internet and continues use of mobile is leaving many harmful impacts on the human body. Smartphone addiction may lead to internet gambling, shopping and mobile game addiction and leads to severe impairment and distress in one’s life.

Nowadays, mobile is a common gadget for everyone’s house, that’s why children are more interested in playing mobile games rather than outdoor games. Parents are encouraging children to indulge in the bad habit of playing mobile games for long hours so that they are busy in games in front of their eyes and also the homely environment is kept entirely. But by ignoring outdoor games of children, they are restricting the source of fresh air, physical activity which is needed for good health.

Mobile Game Addiction In Children

Many children and adults love mobile games like Candy Crush, Fifa, Temple Run, Lords, Asphalt 8, Pokemon Go and last year launched PUBG. One news is quite popular these days that a 16-year-old PUBG addict from Hyderabad tries to fake his kidnapping. Shocking!! PUBG has been one of the most addictive mobile games around. Millions of teens across the globe play this game and most of them are addicted. The adrenaline rush one gets on winning this game is simply unmatched. Mobile game addiction is a grave problem that cannot be dismissed lightly. It is impacting the children adversely.

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Symptoms Of Addiction

Some significant signs and symptoms of smartphone gaming addiction include:

  • Thinking about gaming all or a lot of the time
  • Feeling bad when you can’t play
  • Needing to spend more and more time playing to feel good
  • Not being able to quit or even play less.
  • Having problems at work, school, or home because of gaming
  • Playing despite these problems
  • Lying to people close to you about how much time you spend playing
  • Using gaming to ease bad moods and feelings.
  • Loses track of time
  • Text neck.
  • Digital eye strain.

Major Health Issues 

  • Musculoskeletal problems: Pain in hands, wrists, neck and lower back pain
  • Vision Problems: Continuous playing of mobile games stresses upon eyes and affects our eyesight thus causing headaches, dizziness, and vomiting.
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  • Seizure Disorders: There is a chance of seizure while playing mobile games for a long duration
  • Obesity: Playing mobile games for maximum hours of the day causes obesity due to sedentary lifestyle and less physical activity as the children are busy for long hours playing while sitting in one position
  • Cancers and Tumors: Radiation coming out from cell phones increases the risk of brain tumors and cancers and also affects the activity of the brain.
  • Sleeping Problems: It affects sleep patterns and interrupts with sound sleep
  • Electromagnetic Interference: Medical devices like pacemakers, implantable defibrillators interfere with their working activity by excessive using of mobile phones.

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Physiological Health Problems Related Mobile Games Playing

Playing mobile games for a long duration physically damages our body and causes Carpel Tunnel disorder, Migraines, sleeping & eating disorders, Backaches & also personal hygiene.

1. Carpel Tunnel Syndrome: Squeezed or pressed main nerve between the forearm and hand. This results when wrist muscles irritate and become swollen due to a long hour of game playing over mobiles.

2. Migraines: Playing mobile games for long hours requires concentration, which puts an extra strain of eyes and causes  Migraine. The light and sound while playing games may cause Migraine and severe pain results in vomiting.

3. Sleep Disturbances: Sleeping near mobile phones causes different sleep-related problems like insomnia, narcolepsy, sleep apnea, nocturnal myoclonus and parasomnia, disturbed sleep due to its blue light emissions. And also obsessiveness of games inhibits sound sleep.

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4. Backaches: Sitting in the same position for long hours causes backaches, stiffness, and soreness of back.

5. Eating Irregularities: Addiction to mobile games causes irregular food habits as children prefer instant foods instead of full balanced and healthy meals to give more time to mobile phones.

6. Poor Personal Hygiene: Gaming addition hardly finds a time of adequately taking care of our body and their hygiene.

Other Issues     

  • Dizziness, nausea and behavioral changes like anxiety and aggressiveness.
  • Children lack their social life, ignore to play outside games, extracurricular activities and lower self-confidence by adhering to play mobile games.
  • Lack of interaction with other children causes abnormal brain development and lowers their general knowledge.
  • Playing mobile games lessens the development of good relationships with siblings and parents as it lowers responding skills.
  • Attention and concentration related problems as well as the loss of control over their appetite.

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Roles Of Parents And Proper Guideline For Play Mobile Games

1. Ensure children not to play mobile games for a long time. Minimize their indoor game timing just to pleasure and relax for a few minutes to half an hour.

2. Not to provide personal mobile phones to children and also not to allow others mobiles for a long duration.

3. Try to block internet access and use screen locks for mobile phones.

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4. Parents and other family members should spend time with children to discuss their studies, friends, etc. to keep them away from mobile games.

5. Ask children to play some outdoor games to keep them healthy.

6. To identify children’s interest in extracurricular activities and engage them in it such that they spend less time with mobile games.

Skipping social events and family gatherings is quite common among mobile game addicts. Children prefer playing rather than indulging in any other activities. They get angry and upset if someone guides them otherwise. They soon grow socially isolated. Parents should take it as their responsibility to identify the warning signs of mobile game addiction in their kids. They must help their kids get rid of it as quickly as possible.

It is essential to set time while playing a game. Some apps alert parents and children when they exceed the time set for playing a particular game. Make use of these apps and make sure to turn off the game as you get the time out an alert. Gradually there will decrease in the number of hours of playing.

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