How To Stop Smoking?

How to STOP Smoking?


Smoking, nowadays which starts as afun during the teens becomes a huge issue in the future years. Smoking can lead to heart disease, lung cancer, oral cancer and even stomach cancer. Smoking not only affects the person with that habit, but also his friends, family and people around them, as they become passive smokers. Hence it is important to stop smoking.

How Can a Person STOP Smoking?

Almost every smoker who decides to quit smoking will face a real struggle. Here are few steps he can take to STOP smoking.

Reduce the frequency:

When one decides to stop smoking, he should do it on a gradual basis. The first step is to reduce the frequency of smoking. For the first day, stop for an hour, and two hours the next and three hours the next day. Henceforth slowly stop smoking.

Stay away from smokers:

As much as possible, especially for the first few weeks, stay away from smokers. This will reduce the temptation and strengthen your resolution.

Become a vigorous campaigner:

Preach against the use of tobacco in all form. This again strengthens your resolve, and will force you to stop smoking and will help your friends too.

Take plenty of exercise:

Exercise and pranayam will clean and strengthen your lungs and improve sense of well being. Walking in open air helps a lot.

Go for fruits and vegetables:

Include fresh fruits and vegetables in large quantities. They are good source of antioxidants and serve as antidotes for tobacco poisoning. Inclusion of double the quantity of fruits and vegetables also helps to lose the desire for smoking.

Don’t go hungry for long:

Small frequent meals will help to calm your nerves during this time of stress. Eat regularly and do not attempt to lose weight while you are trying to break the tobacco habit. Don’t worry even if you gain some weight.

Watch your Diet:

Highly seasoned foods, alcohol, tea, coffee have probably encourages the craving for tobacco. These will hinder appetite which is not good at this stage, as it will prevent you from eating nutritious food. Do not go for excess salt as well. Drink   at least 10 glasses of water a day. Taking fruit juices helps to reduce the craving for tobacco.

Keep your cigarettes away from you:

Get rid of all your cigarettes and every vestige of tobacco you posses. Do not keep any smoking materials handy.

Use Chewing Gums:

Use of chewing gums with mint flavour decreases the temptation for smoking. At the least case, you can use nicotine gums to satisfy your senses for tobacco. These nicotine gums are available in pharmacy and issued with doctor’s prescription.

Be strong in your commitment:

Encourage yourself to stop smoking every now and then. Be strong in your commitment, do not empathise yourself at any point of time.

The phrase “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” will exactly suit this situation. Stop smoking gradually. Once you completely stop smoking, you will feel much refreshed. Heart beats quietly, nerves are calm, and pulse will be strong and steady. Your breath will be sweet and clean, your muscles relaxed, and your mind will be in control of itself. This provides new moral and intellectual power. Stop smoking, enjoy better health, satisfaction and happiness.


Uma Maheshwari PS

Dietitian, Happy Living Diet Clinic

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